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At Acupuncture and Wellness of Wisconsin, we are highly dedicated to our patients.  We strive to be a valued community partner delivering high quality healthcare services that meet the needs of patients in Kenosha, Racine, and surrounding areas.  Our mission is to provide comprehensive healthcare and health education focused on preventative and restorative medicine.  Our goal is to foster a therapeutic partnership with our patients while providing the tools to obtain their wellness goals.

Sport Injuries

Acupuncture & Wellness of Wisconsin, LLC offers comprehensive healthcare solutions for pain management, PTSD and stress, digestive health, and nutrition by providing treatments under the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Massage Therapy.  Treatments include a blend of modalities tailored to your specific needs.  We also provide educational opportunities via classes and workshops focused on self care and wellness, catering to the needs of the community.

PTSD: Healing Connections

We are all in this together.

What is PTSD: Healing Connections? 

This free event is designed to raise awareness, and offer empowerment and education to people who have seen or felt the impact of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Whether you personally have PTSD, or you know someone who does, this event is designed to connect our community with services that support the healing process. Come listen to speakers share their experiences with PTSD.  Also, explore the wellness fair style set up, designed to connect you with tips, tricks and resources for managing stress, anxiety, or other symptoms associated with PTSD.  Calming music will be provided by KUSD orchestra students.

PTSD is a serious medical condition which requires proper diagnosis and treatment. The services and resources offered at this event are designed to help increase community awareness of PTSD, as well as offer supportive tools that are complimentary to proper treatment.


Date: Saturday February 18th 2pm – 6pm at Kenosha American Legion Post 21 – 504 58th Street, Kenosha.

Community Connections Fair: Local businesses, services and practitioners will be set up throughout the event to offer ideas, tools, and resources for managing stress, anxiety, and/or other symptoms of PTSD.  Some tables may have items available for purchase to aid in your wellness journey.

Speakers: 2:00 - Doors open

2:15 - Welcome and intro to event

2:30 - Ali Nelson - Director of Division of Veterans Services

3:15 - Julie Bracket Medina - Attorney and Victim's Rights Advocate

4:00 - Erin Johnson Fisher -"The Why of Yoga and PTSD"

4:45 - Erin Merritt - Modern Apothecary - Natural Support for PTSD

5:30 - Laura Cox – Final Words

Refreshments will be provided by Waterfront Warehouse and La Fogata.

Our Purpose at Acupuncture & Wellness of Wisconsin

is to foster and build connections within and without, to create strong pillars of wellness in all areas of life for self, our patients, our community, and for all.

"It is through the exploration of this amazing machine called the human body that we are able to discover the universe within while connecting to the universe without.  By guiding others in this journey of self discovery through the Five Pillars of Wellness, we tap into a powerful potential for healing.  Each choice we make creates ripples in our lives and the lives of those around us.  It is because of this we invite you to live well, choose well, and be well with Acupuncture & Wellness of Wisconsin."  Laura E. Cox, MSOM, L.Ac., L.M.T.

The Five Pillars of Wellness include: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Financial.